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London-based photographer Corinna Linzas originally heeds from the hills above the Italian city of Turin – yet she can’t escape the colours, flavours and fragrances of the Mediterranean island of Sardinia where she spent her childhood summers. You can see these influences in her photography today.


Corinna studied Photography at the Kensington and Chelsea College, History of Art in Italy and works as a photographer since 2007. With an additional degree in education you could call her a photographer who is a socio-cultural communicator as well.


With experience from  commercial, cultural and artistic contexts, she can deliver on a range of photographic briefs – from portraiture to events, analogue to digital, hand-printed to automated.

Here you can find her old photography blog.


She is an approachable individual who interacts well with people at all levels.


Always on the lookout for textures, patterns and the poignant, she creates images that capture an instant for eternity.


Additionally to being a Photographer, Corinna is a certified 200 hrs Hatha Yoga Teacher (London, Yoga Trains) and an additional 90 hrs as Teacher to children and adolescents.

With an 8 weeks MBSR and a Meditation course completed in 2019, she enjoys inspiring students to take care of their minds and bodies, making changes from within one morning routine at a time!

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