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London-based photographer Corinna Linzas originally heeds from the hills above the Italian city of Turin – yet she can’t escape the colours, flavours and fragrances of the Mediterranean island of Sardinia where she spent her childhood summers. You can see these influences in her photography today.


Fascinated by the union between ethics and aesthetics, Corinna studied Photography at the Kensington and Chelsea College, History of Art in Italy and works as a photographer since 2007. With an additional degree in education and a love for Philosophy and spirituality, you could call her a photographer who is a socio-cultural communicator as well.

With experience from  commercial, cultural and artistic contexts, she can deliver on a range of photographic briefs – from portraiture to events, analogue to digital, hand-printed to automated.

​She is an approachable individual who interacts well with people at all levels.


Always on the lookout for textures, patterns and the poignant, she creates images that capture an instant for eternity.


Additionally to being a Photographer, Corinna is a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher (London, Yoga Trains, 200 HRS - to adults,  plus 90 hrs Teacher to children and adolescents).

With an 8 weeks MBSR and a Meditation course completed in 2019, and an additional Qui Gong training during 2020-2, she enjoys inspiring fellow humans to take care of their minds and bodies, making changes from within, one morning routine and inspiration at a time!

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(& presence)




Magdalena Bak-Meier

Senior Adviser, Productivity Expert, Educator (Sr. Fellow HEA), Neuroscientist, Author

Corinna is an incredibile portrait photographer.

She has taken my picture  for a number of functions and what makes her so good at what she does is that she 1) takes time to get to know her client, 2) she brings her imagination and expertise in the form of helpful suggestions for settings and looks and 3) she makes taking a picture less stressful than this can be. 

Having gotten to know her over the last few years, I can see how her training in Psychology, spiritual and embodied training as a yoga instructor and teacher added to a love for the camera create a magic combination. 

This is a skilled artist, angel and lovely human being in one!

Highly recommend.


Michal & Carlotta Chrusciel

Senior SEO & Psychologist

Corinna is a truly talented and professional photographer. 

She was very flexible in arranging a time that suits us the best and from the very beginning she made us feel at ease.


She took time to understand what we like and what our style is and listened to our requests. She  always made us feel comfortable in front of the camera. 


The photoshoot in itself was a great experience; we spent the  afternoon taking pictures, chatting and drinking tea! 

The pictures look fantastic and they are so “us”. Her images tell a story and no words are needed.

We would definitely recommend her, and are very satisfied by her professionalism and warm smile .


Martin Gilbrait 

Certified Professional Facilitator

One day I'll have to update the profile photo that Corinna took ofme 6 years ago, that I have used as my online avatar ever since -I tried once, but then never used the new photo because I justpreferred Corinna's. It was a pleasure to work with her at the time as well, I am happy to recommend her!

Luigi Pezzilli

Founder at P&Co

There is a certain degree of narcissism arising, when you decide to ask a photographer for a portfolio. On the other hand, you are a bit shy and uncertain, because you're afraid the audience can find your expression flat and uninspiring. Then you need people like Corinna, bringing you in an atmosphere where you feel only the mastery of light, camera and lenses. It's a great experience and (despite your face) a source of great results for your need to have professional shots showing what you want to communicate.

Laura Galeazzo

Founder at 'Cabinet Archiloc'

Le fabuleux univers de Corinna Linzas! Comment vous décrire cette extraordinaire photographe professionnelle aux racines sardes qui a pris son envol de l’autre côté la Manche? ...Ses portraits saisissants Le Jour de notre union maritale resteront gravés pour toujours dans nos mémoires: la pureté de son regard à l’unisson avec nos émotions aujourd’hui préservées dans un tiroir en bois créé par elle-même! Architecte par métier, ...exigeante par nature, je n’hésite pas à lui confier mon identité à travers le témoignage visuel de mes réalisations présentes futures! 

Igor Salmi

Export Area Manager at Legami

I asked Corinna to take sone portrait pictures that I could use for different purposes. I was positively impressed by her professionalism and how quickly she discovered and captured my true personality in a photo. Amazing post production did the magic too... I cannot stop recommending people her service as portrait and corporate photographer.

Align Your Org

We’re a people-led organisation and first impressions do matter. That’s why we hired professional photographer Corinna Linzas to work with the Align Your Org advisory board. Through meticulous attention to detail and client care she was able to create a set of superb headshots for us so we can put our best face forward!

Align Your Org (


Michael Ambjorn

Past Chair, the International Association of Business Communicators (

Being the public face of a 10,000 strong organisation spanning the globe calls for clear, crisp presentation. I turned to professional photographer Corinna Linzas to help create a set of compelling professional images that conference organisers use to promote the events I speak at.  Corinna is a joy to work with.

Mark Wright

Thank you Corinna. Your Photography is outstanding!

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