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Yoga Mindfulness & Meditation

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A certified Yoga Teacher (200hrs, Yoga Trains London, 90 plus hrs, Yoga Beez, London) and a Qui Gong practitioner, I incorporate Mindfulness (8 weeks MBSR, London Mindful) with my studies of Education, Psychology and Philosophy (University of Turin).

I also have a strong interest for Nutrition since I was very young.

All these experiences and knowledge will offer you the tools and motivation to transform your life, one breath at a time.

"Yoga is the science of right living and, as such, is intended to be incorporated in daily life. It works on all aspects of the person: the physical, vital, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual."

From 'Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha' by Swami Satyananda Saraswati


Starting from your individual needs and story, I offer a unique and integrated approach based on my knowledge of Yoga, Qui Gong, Mindfulness, Meditation, Psychology and Nutrition. 


Boost your energy levels, improve your mood and transform your life at the same time! Come and learn all the tricks to have a bombshell proof morning routine, secret to a more involved, healthy and happy life. 

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